Connecting with dots

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Connecting with dots

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We love this family of whimsical yet functional 'dot' ceramics by LA-based artist and designer Jen Kuroki. Jen spent three years living and studying ceramics in Yokohama and Tokyo, working with a banding wheel and anagama kiln (wood-burning). She has developed a vibrant style that elevates the mundane and has fun doing it.

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Designer: Jen Kuroki
Materials: Clay, glaze
Dimensions: cup 3.5" diameter, 4" h
                     tall vase 3.5" diameter, 7.75" h
                     round vase 4.5" diameter, 4" h
                     bowl 5.5" diameter, 3.5" h

Dishwasher safe.


Dot series, large vase (left), small vase (right)


Dot series, small vase


Dot series, bowl 


Dot series, cup