Info for Vendors

Vendor fee

Once we've confirmed you, please pay your vendor fee by Jan 27. This goes toward covering marketing costs and setup materials.


Spread the word!

The best way to ensure a successful event is to let people know about it! We'll be sharing in our newsletter, posting on social media, posting the event to editorial calendars, and flyering.
Here are some ideas and materials for you to also reach out:


1. Invite friends on Facebook

If you haven't already, invite friends and people you know to the Facebook event. We'll be posting sneak peeks of your products and maker spotlights there.


2. Share on social media

We suggest posting three times to social media: 
1. an initial announcement, 2. a reminder, and 3. a day-of post.  

Example post:
Join us for LocaLove: A Pop-Up Craft Market @celeryspace Feb 12! I'll be there with other makers from the Bay Area. You can hand print your own valentines and find unique handmade gifts while supporting your local makers! Shop, eat and groove with us.

#craftfair #makerfair #bayareaevents #bayareacraft #bayareabuzz #eastbay #craft #buylocal #berkeley #makersmovement #handmade #valentinesday #popupmarket


3. Post flyers
Print a few posters and put them up on community boards of businesses you go to often—coffee shops, your gym, bars, etc.

We'll be flyering in our neighborhood, so each of you please post flyers in at least 5 places with high traffic. You can print them at home or pick some up at the shop.

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